Crystal Healing


Crystals and gemstones have a long history of use within the energy healing arts. Ancient civilizations understood that crystals possess their own therapeutic properties and characteristics.  They also recognized that crystals magnify and amplify healing energy when applied to the body or placed within one’s aura.

Children, adults, animals and the world in general can benefit from crystals’ natural, and subtle healing abilities.  They help awaken the Divine within us and offer to protect, enhance, strengthen and uplift.  Crystals blend well with other healing modalities and can be a wonderful addition to bodywork, meditation, and personal use.  Crystals heighten the light vibration and gently nudges one into their own healing journey.

DeAnna is a Master of Crystology and is certified and accredited in Melody’s Level 1 & Level 2 Love is in the Earth Laying-on-of-Stones Workshops.

DeAnna offers crystal healing sessions and incorporates techniques including Tibetan Pulsing, grid/layouts/arrays, and teaches students how to safely create their own gem elixirs. 

Classes offered:  

 Crystal Healing for Beginners

In this class, you will be introduced to the wonderful world of crystals and gemstones. Topics covered this class will be an explanation of crystals and stones, a brief history on crystal healing, physical characteristics and healing attributes of specific crystals, and how to select and care for crystals.   We will discuss various methods of clearing, charging, dedicating and storing crystals. Students will learn how to integrate crystals into their daily lives and participate in a meditation using a crystal of your choice.

 Crystal Grids

In this class, you will learn how to create a crystal grid using sacred geometry to vibrationally match your desired outcome. Topics included in this class will be the discovering the purposes of crystal grids, creating a sacred space for your crystal grid, setting intentions for grids, selection of crystals, placement of crystals, and activation of the crystal grid. Learn how crystal grids can support your true desires of love, peace, health and wellness, prosperity and abundance.

 Crystals Healing and Your Chakras

In this class you will learn how crystals can enhance the wellness of our chakra system. Topics covered in this class will include a discussion on the seven major chakra system, balancing chakras using crystals, selecting crystals when connecting with our chakras, and a guided meditation exploring the seven major chakras.

  Introduction to Crystal Skulls

For decades, crystal skulls have been shrouded in mystery and the source of serious debate.   Topics covered in this class include a brief overview of crystal skull legend and lore, a discussion of several modern day theories, and an introduction to several well-known crystal skulls. We will also discuss techniques on how to use crystal skulls for health and wellness.

Costs vary and classes can be tailored to your specific needs.  If you are interested in other crystal healing topics for instruction, please contact DeAnna for more information:       608.295.9223


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